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Implant Scanner

Streamline Your Implant Process with Advanced Scanning Technology

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Implant scanning is the future of implant dentistry.

Dental photogrammetry is a method that uses specialised software and digital cameras to take 3D pictures of a patient’s mouth and teeth. As it enables dentists to take accurate measurements of the patient’s mouth and teeth for use in planning and designing the implant repair, this technology can be especially helpful during dental implant procedures.


The creation of a virtual model of the patient’s mouth is one of the main applications of dental photogrammetry in dental implant procedures. The appropriate size, location, and angle of the implants can be determined using this model, which can also be used to mimic the placement of dental implants in the mouth. Dentists can guarantee that the implants are correctly placed utilising the virtual model to deliver the best possible

Gentle and Modern Tooth Extractions

Extracting a tooth is typically considered a final option, but it may be required in cases of advanced decay, infection, or a tooth with a low chance of recovery.


If you’re experiencing pain and require an urgent extraction, need to have a wisdom tooth removed, or are seeking a second opinion after being advised to have a tooth removed, our team is available to assist you. Schedule an appointment through our online booking system or contact us at the following number:

Using dental photogrammetry, surgical guidelines for implant placement can also be made. These instructions, which are produced specifically for each patient based on a virtual model of their mouth, give the dentist an extremely precise road map to follow when performing the implant surgery. This can assist in ensuring that the implants are positioned correctly and at the proper angle, lowering the likelihood of issues and enhancing the overall success of the implant procedure.


In conclusion, dental photogrammetry is an effective method that can be utilised to produce exact, patient-specific implant restorations. Using this technology, dentists can precisely design and carry out implant procedures, which can result in superior results and a more comfortable procedure.

Implant Scanners: Empowering Dentists for Superior Implant Planning

Dental implants offer several significant benefits for individuals seeking a long-term solution to replace missing teeth.